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Is your website ready for GDPR?

Check your website for GDPR compliance now! It couldn't be easier: just enter your website and activate it with a valid e-mail address. Within a few minutes you will receive the result!

Am I affected by the GDPR?

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force since 25 May 2018. Website operators must then meet certain requirements as soon as they pursue a commercial intention. In principle, however, it is not only companies that are obliged to do so. A 'commercial intention' exists even if a website has integrated a banner, through which the operator expects potential income. Excluded are only those websites that serve exclusively family or personal purposes.

Do you need a privacy policy?

As soon as personal data is processed through the website, a privacy policy becomes mandatory. Basically one can say that this is the case with most websites. For example IP addresses: IP addresses are counted as digital personal data. By default, this is stored in the web server log files, whether it is an Apache web server or an IIS. Hardly any website operator takes the trouble to switch off this standard behaviour of web server. Often a website operator has no possibility to influence these configurations, because the pages are provided by a hosting provider. However, this does not release from the obligation to inform visitors if the website about the storage and possible processing.

What is tested and why is it relevant?

The GDPR requires users of websites to be fully informed of their rights. These include the right of appeal, the right to information, the right to rectification and a number of others. It is important in this context that users know where their personal data is visible and, if necessary, processed when they visit a website.

We put your website through its paces in accordance with the DSGVO and compare the results with your data protection declaration. This enables you to see directly whether the technical design of your website complies with your data protection declaration.

This service can be used two times per user per day for free.